Gutter Downspouts

Gutter Downspout Drainage System

The Most Important Drainage System in your Home

Texas produces some extreme thunderstorms. The city of Houston is no stranger to tropical storms and hurricanes. That makes for a lot of rain and without the proper gutter system on your roof, causing damage to your home. It does not take more than an inch of rainfall to dump nearly 2,000 gallons of water on your roof. Most people know that many homes have gutters but not a lot really know what they actually do and why they are so important for your home.

Excess Moisture Is Trouble

If moisture builds up in your home or foundation it can cause a lot of problems. It can cause wood to rot, mildew to grow, and compromise the integrity of your foundation. When you don’t have gutters rainfall dumps thousands of gallons on your roof that just flows over the eaves. It finds its way into the soil at the base of your foundation and can seep into your slab or pier and beam structure. This can cause shifting or rot which is detrimental to your foundation. Having the proper gutter system helps divert excess water away from your foundation.

How Gutters Work

Gutter System Breakdown

The Roof – If your roof is poorly designed, a gutter system is not going to help. A roof with a proper drainage design, properly drains the water into the gutter system.

Gutters – These metal channels or tubes if you will, captures water from the roof and routes it to downspouts that lead it away from the foundation.

Downspouts – These vertical pipes attach to the gutters at various spots to efficiently route water down and away from the foundation. It is important to have a sufficient amount of downspouts according to the size of your home.

Drainage System – In high end systems, downspouts actually run underground out to drainage tanks or distributors that funnel the water away out through your curb or to a drainage culvert without flooding your yard.

Choosing the Right Gutter System

Choosing the right gutter system is part function part cosmetic. You need to make sure you have a system sufficient for your home size. Drain Xperts has skilled gutter techs that will guide you on that front. As for the cosmetics our gutters come in two sizes, 5” and 6” as well as many colors and styles. Due to our region and the amount of foliage and rainfall, we recommend seamless gutters with leaf guards to prevent clogging.

We offer aluminum gutters to all of our customers as it as a great material that will last a long time. Aluminum won’t corrode or rust, so it is a bit more durable than vinyl. Aluminum is however, prone to dents and warping over the years in extreme fluctuations in temperature that Houston experiences.