drainage solutions

Drainage Solutions

Although every home is unique, the issue of water standing in poor-draining areas remains the same. This is where our decades of experience comes in to play. Let us work out a drainage solution.

We can create a drainage system that allows for water to be stored underground and used later to water your property. We can also create a system that collects water and directs it toward the street or a drainage ditch. What we’re trying to say is that no matter your drainage need, we have a drainage solution for you.
Over the past several years there has been an increased emphasis on environmentally conscious products. For anyone looking for an environmentally friendly drainage option, we refer you back to the storage option we mentioned earlier. We can build a drainage system that feeds into an underground 50-gallon drum. This allows you to store water and use it for the watering needs of your landscape at your convenience.

While this underground storage option has become more common in recent years, our most popular (and least expensive) system is a series of catch basins (as seen in the figure above). We place 9×9 inch catch basins in the low-lying areas around the yard and use piping to direct water to the street or drainage ditch. This system is best-utilized when there is a sufficient slope from the catch basins to the street or drainage ditch. However, if you don’t have a sufficient slope in your yard, there is no reason to worry. We also provide a system that pumps the water to the desired location.

No matter your desired drainage system, the Drain Experts use nothing but the best material available. Contact us today for a free analysis and estimate. We can’t wait to serve you!